iREV Broadband

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  • Fast Reliable Internet
  • Video Streaming
  • No Forced Bundles
  • No “Gotcha” Pricing

Affordable Plans

At iRev Broadband, we strive to connect neighborhoods, restaurants, schools, 

libraries, hospitals, and businesses to high-speed internet at fair prices.

With iREV Broadband, you will receive local and friendly customer service with honest 

and fair pricing that include taxes & fees, with “no surprises ” at the end of each month.

iREV Broadband makes use of available fiber Direct Internet Access lines with the best 

Peering agreements to bring you the fastest most reliable internet experience to your home

 via a combination of wireless and fiber technologies as available.

Need more speed?

Our plans are flexible and can accommodate any household or business. 

Just give our sales team a call and we will find a plan that’s right for you.